Welcome to the website for all aspects of Our Rotary Foundation (Rotary's own charity) in Rotary District 1060 (a large portion of the West Midlands, all of Warwickshire and elements of Staffordshire and Worcestershire). For other information relating to District 1060, please see the main website - https://www.rotary-ribi.org/districts/homepage.php?DistrictNo=1060.

If you are unable to see the menu bar for this website, please look for a 'triple bar' icon and tap / click it to reveal the menu. This is a way of saving space on smaller screen devices such as phones and tablets.


The Memo of Understanding generator is intended to make life easier for those looking to apply for Grants. This link - http://foundation.rotary1060.org.uk/memo-of-understanding - will take you directly to it, if you have not been able to access the menu item for it. By filling in your email, selecting your Club from a list and supplying the appropriate officer names and hitting 'submit', a pre-filled Memo of Understanding form will be sent to you for printing and signing.

Please take a look at the Download menu as it contains a number of helpful files and background reference documents.

The Training Material menu item includes the new YouTube training videos we are trying as a way to get some localised education on The Rotary Foundation.