District Grant Reporting Criteria

A key area of the District Foundation Committee's work is around the Stewardship of the GrantFunds we disperse. The reports that are produced from the Club's running grant funded projects need to be reviewed with the expectation that we could be audited at some point. To help Rotarians compile these reports, we have listed below the criteria that will be used in the review. This should increase the chances of the report being accepted on the first attempt and save time for both the author and the reviewer.

  • Is the report in a satisfactory form - using the official proforma?
  • Were the recipients those mentioned in the application?
  • Has the service been delivered, or the item(s) acquired?
  • What attempts at publicising the project have been made?
  • Final balance sheet required, with copies of receipts or other evidence?
  • Is the sign-off the name of the primary or secondary contact on the application?

If your report meets all the elements of this checklist, it is very likely that it will be accepted.