District Grant requests for 2018-19

We have started the cycle for the 2018-19 District Grant. Our 'block grant' from the Rotary Foundation was approved on the 27th November,so we should soon be in a position to issue cheques to those who have completed their full application form and had it approved. There will be some funding left over, so it is still worth submitting new project ideas.

The simplest form of project here is where something is purchased to meet a community need (either locally or internationally). The cost breakdown or estimates can be used to support the proposal and ultimately the application for the project and the invoice or receipts can be used to support the final report. The Club needs to put in at least 50% of the total costs, with the grant providing the rest. There are some restrictions, so it is best to review the Foundation Terms & Conditions before submitting the proposal.

The proposal form can be found via the Downloads menu in the Forms category - or via this direct link. Once completed, the form can be emailed to Brian Phillips, our District Foundation Grants Officer, via the email address on the form, or via our Contact Us page.

If your Club hasn't done so already, please complete a Memo of Understanding and send it in to Brian.

Please note that once we have allocated and dispersed all the funding from the 2018-19 District Grant, we will be able to apply for the 2019-20 District Grant - given sufficient project proposals to reach at least 80% of the maximum.